Winter Jacket Waist Length Dry Clean

Winter Jacket Waist Length (Dry Clean)

SGD 17.00

Professional Dry Cleaning service. 2 work days for orders deposited/collected before 1.00pm. Deposit laundry at 111 Somerset #02-31. For Delivery, fees apply and return date will be the next working day after laundry is ready. Price for Dry Cleaning is the minimum price per item which may vary depending on size and weight of item (eg. thick cotton shirt vs thin cotton t-shirt). Any additional pricing will be communicated to customer via UNeed Customer Service Team before the washing starts. Any disputed order shall be returned to the customer where a return delivery fee may apply. Laundrymart Somerset is not responsible for any defects or damages found on clothing or laundry items that are sent to the store. No liability will be accepted by Laundrymart Somerset for defects, damages, shrinkage or colour fading arising during treatment which are due to deterioration by wear and exposure or poor quality, workmanship or methods of manufacture. Complete removal of stains on any clothing or laundry item is not guaranteed. Stains shall be removed upon the item owner’s request and it will be done at the owner’s risk. Laundrymart Somerset shall determine the final count and type of laundry item; any order disputed by the customer shall be returned to the customer whereby a return delivery fee may apply for the customer.